Cutting Edge Capabilities
A Leader in Our Field



Pacific Weather Inc can provide meteorological support and weather observation/forcasting services at multiple locations over an extensive geographic area with excellent results for the customer.


Pacific Weather employs more than 140 meteorologist and meteorological technicians at twenty-four locations at Major International Airports from Alaska to Puerto Rico.


Pacific Weather has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to successfully transition and phase in contracts nationwide within limited time constraints.


Quality Assurance:

Innovative is the word to describe Pacific Weather's quality assurance (QA) plan. The QA plan is state of the art in the industry and gives us the ability to monitor performance in real time.


Pacific Weather's weather training program that was proposed to the FAA in 2003 was the exact training program adopted by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2005 on subsequent solicitation as a standard for the industry.

Customer Relations:

Pacific Weather is a customer center provider of weather support services. Our primary concern is customer satisfaction by providing the utmost quality services, keeping cost low, staying attuned to customer needs, ensuring clear channels of communication.


Richard Carlson the chief operations officer with Pacific Weather has had 30 years experience in managing both military and civilian weather offices. He holds a Masters degree in Organizational Psychology and is certified by the FAA as an aircraft dispatcher, pilot, and the NWS as a weather observer.

Nishi Carlson, the President of Pacific Weather, has over 30 years experience managing successful businesses; she holds two Masters degrees.


Program Management

The following list summarizes our general operational guidelines for Program Management:

  • Be flexible and work to the spirit of the contract.
  • Be responsive to all the customer’s needs.
  • Exercise authority to make timely decisions to meet new requirements as they arise.
  • Pay rigorous attention to implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System (QMS) throughout the contract.
  • Seek out and deliver value-added services that provide clients with significantly more than the minimum contract requirements