Customer Satisfaction
Exceeding Expectations


Unparalleled Quality

What our customers experience when they interact with us is our penchant for quality and our passion to exceed customer expectations. We share fundamental beliefs in acquiring and retaining the best possible management and technical staff available. We empower our employees to do whatever is necessary to satisfy customer requirements. We value our customers as individuals and create a culture that molds us into a team with the same goals. We strive to create a genuine working relationship with our customers and end-users. We become a part of their mission. Our values of integrity, fair pricing, and a “no-surprises” approach in all we do, unite the principals of each corporation with the core values of partnership.


The Resources to Help You Succeed

By employing Pacific Weather our customers enjoy:

  1. The strength of a proven well established company known for outstanding performance
  2. Extraordinary technical experience and strength in managing and operating weather stations
  3. Personnel with direct, current experience in the functional areas
  4. Corporate resources and experiences that clearly demonstrate our ability to perform successfully
  5. The necessary passion and motivation to render superior performance in meeting or exceeding customer requirements
  6. Management methodologies and structure that maximize the efficiency of our solution
  7. Innovative solutions to address Quality Management and Training Issues

Our approach to meteorological service coupled with our organizational learning and improvement processes guarantee technically proficient startegies for responding to customer needs. We use these principles to ensure our personnel understand our customer's requirements and can tailor meteorological products for any task. We offer high quality cost effective solutions. Our customers come to think of us as part of them.